Original CBX 2017 vs 2023 Zipcore version

Welcome back to my blog, where I share my passion and insights on the latest golf equipment. Today, I’m going to compare two generations of the Cleveland CBX wedge: the original CBX wedge that was launched in 2017, and the new CBX ZipCore wedge that came out in 2023. Both of these wedges are designed to offer forgiveness and versatility for the average golfer, but how do they differ in performance and features? Let’s find out!

The original CBX wedge was a breakthrough product for Cleveland, as it combined the forgiveness of a cavity back iron with the spin and control of a tour wedge. The CBX wedge featured a wide sole with a V-shaped grind that helped the club glide through the turf and sand, while the face had aggressive grooves and a Rotex micro-milling pattern that enhanced friction and spin. The CBX wedge also had a soft feel, thanks to the Feel Balancing Technology that moved the center of gravity closer to the sweet spot by removing weight from the hosel1.

The CBX ZipCore wedge is the successor of the CBX wedge, and it improves on the original in several ways. The most notable change is the addition of ZipCore, a low-density material that fills the heel and hosel area of the club. This allows for more weight to be redistributed to the toe, increasing the moment of inertia (MOI) and stability of the club. The CBX ZipCore wedge also has a new groove design called UltiZip, which is sharper, deeper, and closer together than the previous generation. This creates more spin and consistency, especially on off-center hits. The CBX ZipCore wedge also has a more refined look, with a thinner topline and a sleeker shape2.

So, which wedge should you choose? Well, it depends on your budget and preference. The original CBX wedge is still a great option for those who want a forgiving and versatile wedge that can handle any situation around the green. The CBX wedge is also cheaper, as you can find it for around $100 online1. However, if you want to upgrade your wedge game and get more speed, spin, and stability, then the CBX ZipCore wedge is worth the extra money. The CBX ZipCore wedge costs $150 for the steel shaft and $160 for the graphite shaft2, but you can also find some discounts and deals online3.

Personally, I prefer the CBX ZipCore wedge over the original CBX wedge, because I like the improved feel, sound, and performance of the new model. I also think the CBX ZipCore wedge looks more appealing and professional, which gives me more confidence at address. However, I still have a soft spot for the original CBX wedge, as it was the first wedge that made me feel like a short game wizard. I guess you can say I have a wedge dilemma, but hey, that’s a good problem to have, right? Thanks for reading, and happy golfing!

All photos from Cleveland Golf